Harvest Home
Danny & Rhonda Calhoun

Harvest Home, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that brings hope to the hopeless while training others how to go and do the same. Established in 1995 by Danny and Rhonda Calhoun, the ministry has a proven track record of working faithfully with those who are downtrodden and often overlooked or considered unworthy by society.

Our Father's Farm

Harvest Home purchased Our Father's Farm in 2007. This beautiful 347-acre farm is dedicated to helping women and children who have been sexually abused and/or rescued from sex trafficking. These precious girls receive personal God encounter sessions, equine ministry, creative art, music, dance and lots of tender, loving care by very dedicated staff!

We offer:

Unconditional Love: We are committed to love, honor and embrace those God sends to us. By speaking the truth in love and constantly bringing them back to the Father, we walk with them into their healing and freedom. How do we do that? By His grace.

Safe, Nurturing Community: We provide a safe, caring environment where people can go through the painful ups and downs of the healing process and still be accepted and loved.

Our Healing Ministries

Encountering God: Healing for spirit, soul and body. Trained facilitators teach the girls/women how to encounter God in a personal way based on the truth that it is in God’s presence that we are transformed. Hundreds of women and children have been healed through this simple yet highly effective method.

We also offer weekend training seminars for those who are interested in either receiving ministry or learning how to become a facilitator. For more information, please go to our Training Seminar page

Bible-based Discipleship & Life-skill Training: Our devoted staff challenges the women with bible studies and classes. We also offer practical training in areas such as computers, money management, car maintenance, job search, cooking, sewing, gardening, farm-life, parenting, nutrition and other life management skills. Our teens attend Hope Academy, which is our on-site school.

Equine Ministry: In ways we cannot explain, something happens when you put a horse with a hurting heart. Through natural horsemanship principles and equine care, the broken encounter the Father's love in dynamic, restorative ways. It is beautiful to watch both old and young encounter their good, loving Father God through His majestic equine partners.

Music & Art:  The Arts are often able to reach people in ways that words cannot. Trained facilitators offer classes on encountering God through art, dance and music, which often helps those who are hurting get in touch with emotions they have long since locked away.

Gardening: Through organic gardening, we are able to strengthen our bodies and bring a self-sustaining aspect to our farm community. Therapeutic garden work is part of the community experience and brings with it many lessons and skills.

Ministry Housing

As of 2013, we have 8 ministry houses with the 9th under construction. These houses provide staff housing as well as homes for women and children in need of intensive care.

  • The Hope House
  • The Grace House
  • The Mercy House
  • The Father's House
  • The Creation House
  • The Shepherd's House
  • The Light House
  • The TLC House
  • The Joy House

Current Projects

The Refuge: This 20,000 sq foot (plus 10,000 sq foot basement) building is presently under construction. This building will be a safe haven for young women and girls who have suffered from extreme abuse—physical, emotional, sexual. It will also serve as a training center with dorm for interns who want to learn how to minister life to the broken and emotionally devastated. Visit The Refuge page to find out how you can get involved and follow the building progress.



Harvest Home's History

Harvest Home was birthed in the summer of 1995 after God clearly directed Danny and Rhonda Calhoun to lay aside their occupations and give themselves to the poor and needy on a fulltime basis. They gathered volunteers to reach out to children, the homeless, widows, single mothers and families in crisis. As a result they developed, organized and led the following outreaches:

  • Kid's Explosion

    This outreach to children in low income neighborhoods began in 1995. This fun-filled "Sidewalk Sunday School" was designed to be both fun and life changing. The children were welcomed with open arms and taught biblical principles through bible stories, skits and other creative teaching methods.

  • Homeless Outreach

    Armed with clothing, blankets and hot meals a large group of volunteers reach out to the homeless in a place called Jurassic Park (now known as Jehovah's Park). Our goal is to share the love of Christ while building a friendship with these precious people.

  • Food and Clothing Ministry

    In 1996, they started a food and clothing ministry, which helped provide groceries and clothing to people in need.

  • Adopt-a-Family

    After seeing the great needs of single parent families, they organized Adopt-A-Family program, which provided emotional, spiritual and financial help to these often forgotten families.

  • Nursing Home Outreach

    In 1997, a team of volunteers adopted forgotten senior citizens at a local nursing home.

  • Bakery Blessings

    Bakery Blessings was birthed to show local law enforcement officers that they were appreciated and not forgotten. Every week a very large basket of homemade goodies and handwritten cards were delivered to the local police station.

In 1998, Danny and Rhonda began teaching and speaking. In 2000, Rhonda wrote her first book, Blessed Are the Poor, which is about the many miracles they encountered as they worked among the poor. This book was soon followed by The Bride, which powerfully reveals the extravagant love that Jesus has for His church. In 2006, she published The Simon Peter trilogy, which paints a vivid picture of the three years of Jesus' ministry on earth. The Great I AM was published in 2007. This book is a record of a series of encounters Rhonda had with God over a period of three months. In 2008 she wrote three children’s books: Beautiful, Valiant and The Land Where Dreams Come True. Dark but Lovely came next followed by The Invitation published in 2012.

On October 17, 2007, the Lord provided the finances to purchase a 347-acre farm. As of 2013, the ministry has 20 full-time staff and a number of interns and volunteers. There are presently eight ministry homes on the property.

Several hundred men, women and children have been healed through Encountering God sessions and through the practical demonstrations of the Father’s unconditional love.

For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat.
I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink. 
I was a stranger and you invited Me in, 
I needed clothes and you clothed me. 
I was sick and you looked after me, 
I was in prison and you came to visit me. 
(Matthew 25: 35-36 NIV)